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About the Program

The need of having engineers who are aware of on-going changes in the economic, social, and environmental conditions has increased in a world that is constantly evolving. Due to this need and the complexity of the problems faced in the modern world, a multidisciplinary engineering teaming approach is required to successfully address the challenges.

Engineering in practice is a program developed by the College of Engineering at the University of Texas at El Paso to foster a healthy living community by applying best engineering practices. Engineering in practice means engineering to assist in solving current problems and anticipate future challenges that may pose a threat to a healthy community.


To provide undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to interact with professional engineers, extending their education beyond the classroom.

To merge education, research, and professional practice with a team composed of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students to work with professional engineers.

To propose solutions to engineering problems which pose a threat for a healthy living community.


Undergraduate and graduate students are exposed to engineering practices and research techniques by interacting with professional engineers and faculty members. They will have the opportunity to participate in real projects and enhance their communication and managing skills.

Faculty members are able to show students the application of topics lectured in class and demonstrate how research can be used to develop practical solutions.

Professional engineers from organizations that participated in the program will increase their visibility in their area of expertise, and receive fresh feedback on methodologies available to solve engineering problems.

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